Keep Ahead...

From invention to grant, I work with you to take your preliminary inventive concept from your notebook through to a granted patent.

The route we take depends on the needs of your business; for some the most appropriate may be a UK patent, whilst others require regional or global patent protection.

So Patent an Idea: let me work with you to develop the best and most cost-effective strategies for helping you make money out of your invention.

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The stages ...
Provisional application
You provide a detailed description and drawings describing your idea; I prepare a draft for your approval prior to filing.
From £ 0-400, click here for more information
Further provisionals
You continue to work with your idea: it gets bigger. So I file more provisionals.
Typical cost per provisional: £ 250
Full application
A year after the first provisional, I liase with you to include all the new results and new ideas into a full application.
Typical cost: £ 600
Search & Examination
I work with you to counter objections the Examiner may have against your invention.
Typical cost: £ 750
Patent Granted
From Notebook to Patent, your idea is patented!

This is for the simplest approach: a UK Patent;
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A note on pricing ...
Pricing varies according to the complexity of your idea; the fees shown are typical††††-††††click here to get in touch

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